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2019 USGA Rules Changes

There are new Rules of Golf in effect as of January 1, 2019. We are required as a USGA sanctioned club to enforce the rules which means you need to be aware of them. We will be working closely with our members to understand the new rules but we encourage you to check out the following.

This video does a great job of covering most of the changes that apply regularly. It's 10 minutes long and we encourage everyone to watch it.

This link will provide more detailed information and resources to help you understand the new rules.

It's important to note that the new rules were created and apply to both the USGA and the R & A. There is now only one set of rules.

This is the R & A site, which is very comprehensive and if you have time check it out. The other links below are more summarized.
R & A Rules of Golf

USGA Golfs New Rules

USGA Clarifications of the 2019 Rules of Golf

Relief and dropping - this is perhaps the biggest procedural change and can be a little confusing. The main points to familiar yourself with are:

  • The 5 areas of the course - General Area, Teeing Area, Penalty Areas, Bunkers, Putting Green
  • Relief Procedure(s)

Wednesday League Info

Regular Season Results - Use GGID 2019HIGHLANDS to sign in.

2019 Games Schedule

General Information regarding how we operate the league...

  • Plays on Wednesday nights. We start at 5:00 when the days are shorter and 5:30 once the days lengthen
  • Teams consist of no more than 7 man roster of which 5 or 4 players play each week (see next two items).
  • Regular Season - formats alternate between 2 Gross/2 Net and 1 Gross/3 Net every two weeks. During this time a maximum of 5 team members play each week and the team plays together from thier starting hole.
  • Match Play - The end of the season consists of match play between each team in the flight. The number of weeks of match play is determined by the number of teams in the flight. During match play only 4 players from each team compete. During match play 4 of your players will pair with players from the other team and they will tee as groups (A/B) and (C/D)
  • Fees - each individual must be a Mens Club Member and that is $65.00 for the year and includes WSGA/GHIN fees. (We do not offer affiliate memberships for secondary clubs. You can request a rebate at the end of the season from WSGA)
  • The Wednesday League Team fee is $420.00 for the team. It must be paid in full before the start of the season. If you are a first time team (no more than 2 prior members on the team) we waive the team fee, it is sponsored by the pro shop.

Mens Club Registration Forms

  • Individual Registration Form - This form and payment is required to maintain your handicap with the Highlands Men's Club. The fees are inclusive of the WSGA GHIN Fee and the Mens Club Membership. Junior members also use this form.
  • Wednesday Mens League Team Registration - Complete this form to register your team. All team members must also complete the Individual Registration Form.


With the exception of The Highlander, all tournaments are open to Highlands Mens Club members only and count towards The Highlands Cup. Select from the links below to open the registration form for more info.

Tourney Date Time Entry Fee
BETTER TWO April 27 9 AM Tee Times $60.00 / Team
Two man best ball format. Each player plays own ball and best score on the hole is used as the team score.
HIT AGAIN May 18 9 AM Tee Times $30.00 / Player
Individual Scramble. Players may hit two balls from every shot and play the best.
IN SHAMBLES June 15 9 AM Tee Times $60.00 / Team
Two man shamble. Both players drive then play in own ball from best drive using lowest score on hole.
MID SUMMER CLASSIC July 13 9 AM Tee Times $30.00 / Player
Individual 18 hole stroke play.
HIGHLANDER Aug 2-4 3 day event $350.00 / Team
Highly regarded as THE event of the season. It's Member-Guest/Member-Member

Highlands Cup

Similar to the FEDEX Cup in pro golf, The Highlands Cup is awarded to the golfer that scores the most points throughout the season in the tournaments we sponsor.

Mens Club Championship - Content Coming Soon

Club Championship

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For more information contact the Pro Shop at 208-773-3673